How to Invest 10k – 9 Best Ways

Learning the best ways to invest 10k

While keeping your money in a traditional savings account might generate interest, nothing compares to investing the money for potentially huge returns on investment. There’s no justification for not investing your money in stocks, cryptocurrency, and real estate if you intend to grow as a savvy investor. You can try many investment ideas with as […]

How to Get a Loan With High Debt-to-Income Ratio?

the young man works. on the desk documents, glasses and phone

We live in an increasingly consumer-focused economy, which means we have a lot of credit options available to us. This can be great if you know how to use it, but can also be really dangerous if you don’t. Sometimes emergencies come out of nowhere that put us in financially tough situations. One of the […]

How to Buy a House With Low Income

A standard home for sale

House prices have risen dramatically, making it increasingly difficult for low-income buyers to get a foot on the housing ladder. Low-income individuals face several barriers to secure a mortgage. These range from down payment requirements to debt-to-income (DTI) ratio limit, and the appropriate credit scores. However, buying a home with low income may be more […]

How Much is a Home Inspection Cost And Why It’s So Important?

A man doing home inspection

Dreaming of buying your very own home is a thrilling and exciting experience.  And yet, this excitement can quickly turn into a nightmare if certain defects become apparent only after you have actually lived in your new home. Buying a home is a huge investment! High stakes decisions would require gathering all available information before […]

How Much House Can I Afford With 100k Salary?

small plastic house in the hands of a young couple

One of the most popular questions across the internet is “how much house can I afford with 100k salary?” For starters, your $100,000 salary offers you a shot at an excellent home purchase budget. However, to calculate how much house you can afford, you need to account for several critical items. These items include your […]

Buying a Condo VS Renting

Large apartment building in modern style

Is the buying a condo vs renting an apartment argument making your life harder? Both solutions offer a similar living style and architectural format. But choosing one over the other presents a very different lifestyle type, and it’s hard to distinguish between buying a condo and renting an apartment. Even a lifetime renter in love […]

What Does an Appraisal Gap Mean?

man does his taxes

As house prices have risen at an alarming rate, an increasingly prevalent problem for real estate residential property traders has emerged: the appraisal gap. When a house’s assessed value is less than the agreed-upon purchase price, purchasers have three options: pay the difference, bargain, or withdraw from the acquisition agreement.  Fortunately, there are many options […]

Best Way to Invest 50k — Top 12 Strategies

The girl is holding 10 $100 bills

Whether you have been saving money diligently in a savings account or received a cash windfall of $50,000, you now have a tidy sum to grow. Making investments is one of the smartest decisions you can make. After all, an “investment” is something that gives you money back. However, something that comes with the decision […]

I Make 25k a Year—Can I Buy a House?

a young family with two children concludes an agreement with a realtor to buy a house

For many people, the dream of owning a home is one that they hope to achieve one day. Unfortunately, in today’s economy, that dream has become increasingly difficult to realize. But what if you’re determined to buy a house? As a responsible young adult, you may be asking: “I make 25k a year—can I buy […]

Best Way to Invest 30k Today

a bank with savings in the hands of a boy

If you found this article, you probably have $30,000 that you want to work on. Maybe it’s from an inheritance or from selling a small business. Regardless of how the windfall occurred, you are here for one reason: you want to know how to get rich with 30k. There are many ways on how to […]