How Good Location Impacts Housing Costs

Location is an essential part of real estate investing

A real estate location significantly impacts housing cost. Thus, a location’s desirability can be influenced by a plethora of factors, including environmental factors, safety, transportation access, and amenities.  Properties in prime areas are easily accessible to the local school, gas station and shopping centers. Additionally, public transportation close to a busy road is often more […]

A Step-By-Step Guide to Getting Approved for a Home Loan in Massachusetts

Intending homeowners in Massachusetts have access to many first-time home buyer loans

A home purchase is a major investment, and for many intending Massachusetts home buyers, mortgages help them achieve this huge financial feat easily. However, the mortgage process can be confusing and intimidating, especially for first-time property buyers.  In Massachusetts, first-time buyers have unique state regulations impacting the home loan process. However, with careful preparation and […]

Analyzing the Current State of Boston Real Estate Prices

Silhouette of the Boston skyline

Today, the real estate market in Boston remains a hot topic of interest to investors and homeowners alike. With the economy and market conditions constantly changing, many wonder about the current direction of home prices. And that’s tough to say, as Boston remains one of the most volatile real estate markets. You only need to […]

What You Need to Know as a First-Time Home Buyer

Buying a home goes beyond making down payments

Buying a house is an exciting milestone in anyone’s life. It’s an accomplishment that deserves a pat on the back. However, a lot more comes with owning a home than just owning a piece of property. Many first-time homeowners don’t realize this and forget to include the hidden costs of homeownership in their budget. These […]

2023 Online Listing Statistics Every Real Estate Agent Should Know

A realtor holding a home for sale sign in front of a listed property

Technology has caused significant changes in the real estate world in the last few years, and one such change is the continued reliance on online listings to sell houses online. As 2023 progresses, local agents will need to stay up-to-date with the latest statistics and trends to distinguish themselves from other real estate professionals.  The […]

Understanding Mortgage Rates and Their Impact on Home Buying

Explaining mortgage interest rates to real estate customers

It’s difficult to talk about real estate without mentioning mortgage rates. Real estate often involves a buyer and a seller. Here, the buyer pays outright to own the property. Conversely, mortgages involve a buyer and a lender. Hence, the mortgage lender allows the buyer to pay the cost of the property over a definite timeline. […]

Why Social Media Is Crucial for Your Real Estate Goals

Every real estate business needs social media marketing to thrive

According to a real estate survey by NAR (National Association of Realtors), almost every home search begins online. Real estate social media marketing is crucial for today’s realtors. Most social media realtors generate more prospects, close deals, and earn more money. That’s because the first step prospects take when looking for a home to buy […]