I Make 25k a Year—Can I Buy a House?

a young family with two children concludes an agreement with a realtor to buy a house

For many people, the dream of owning a home is one that they hope to achieve one day. Unfortunately, in today’s economy, that dream has become increasingly difficult to realize. But what if you’re determined to buy a house? As a responsible young adult, you may be asking: “I make 25k a year—can I buy […]

Best Way to Invest 30k Today

a bank with savings in the hands of a boy

If you found this article, you probably have $30,000 that you want to work on. Maybe it’s from an inheritance or from selling a small business. Regardless of how the windfall occurred, you are here for one reason: you want to know how to get rich with 30k. There are many ways on how to […]

Advantages & Downsides of a Rent-Back Agreement

Here’s something you may not have considered: once you sell your home, what if you could keep living there? This is the promise of a rent back agreement. With this arrangement, sellers agree to lease their personal property from the new owner for a time specified in the contract. This can be short- or long-term, […]

Subsidies And Loans From the National Homebuyers Fund: Guide

old style house with a plaque "for sale" in the foreground

One of the challenges in buying a house, if you are a low income earner is when, looking at the purchase price, you realize you need help.  It is followed by the need to locate aid resources to assist you in the entire home buying process, particularly about financing. Fortunately, first time buyers or repeat […]

The Best And The Worst Day to Close on a House

the family is considering a house to buy

It has finally happened! You’ve found the house of your dreams and you’re ready to make an offer. But is there a best day to close on a house? And is there a worst day? Surprisingly, the answer to both questions is: yes! Real estate closings involve a process filled with both excitement and uncertainty. […]

11 Tips How to Beat a Contingent Offer on a House

firm handshake

Many home buyers are surprised to find themselves in a bidding war over a house when they’re in the market for their first property. When you’re up against other offers, you might be at the mercy of the seller and their agent, unless you know how to make your offer look more attractive to them. […]

How Soon Can You Refinance a Mortgage?

Guy holds a girl in his arms next to boxes of stuff for move-in another house

When you refinance a mortgage, you basically replace your current loan with another one. This technique may aid you to take advantage of low-interest rates, and reduce your monthly payments by extending the period of your loan. Your financial situation can be further improved with refinancing costs lower than the original loan. This is one […]

What is a Good Total Interest Percentage?

phone on the desk with the papers

It is amazing how a mortgage loan document makes it easier to choose the perfect loan. Mortgage shopping may feel mysterious and even confusing. To help you better understand the mortgage lender’s loan offer, the law requires Loan Estimates to be included. The Loan Estimate document makes it easy to compare tomatoes to tomatoes, in […]

Want to Buy a Brick House? Pros & Con

a happy family in front of the house

If you’ve ever watched a film noir and thought, “I want to live in that kind of house!” then a brick home might be for you. Brick is an exceptionally sturdy building material, making homes made from it strong enough to withstand storms and keep the outside noise down.  Sometimes brick homes are considered old-fashioned […]

5 Best Ways to Invest 100k

coins and miniature of a tree house

Are you looking for the best way to invest 100k safely? Whether the money is from a windfall event such as selling a small business, a larger home, an inheritance, or from retirement savings, if you’ve come into 100k you can make that money work for you. If you are smart, you can learn how […]