The real estate industry has and will continue to be one of the most lucrative and flourishing sectors. Real estate never goes out of business. There are many benefits attached to being a real estate agent, and it’s a satisfying career path to follow.

Like most megacities in the US, the real estate scene in Texas is vibrant and booming. If you’re considering a career switch in Texas, real estate is one of the best careers you can switch to. Besides the flexible hours and the freedom that comes with it, there’s also the fact that you do not need much experience to become a real estate agent in Texas.

However, most people interested in becoming real estate agents want to know how much income real estate agents make in Texas. How much money you’ll make as an agent varies depending on many things and differs from one agent to another. How much does a real estate agent make in Texas? According to Indeed, the average base salary for most realtors in Texas is $85,048 per year.

How Does a Real Estate Agent Make Money?

Real estate agents earn money from the commission paid to them when they successfully close sales for a property. A commission is either a flat fee or a percentage of the selling price of the property paid directly to the broker for the services rendered.

Real estate agents are licensed to work under a brokerage firm because an agent cannot work independently and cannot receive commission directly from the client. Brokers function independently, hire real estate agents, and split the commission among all agents involved in the transaction.

How Commissions Work in Real Estate

The listing conditions, including compensation and commission, are listed in the contract between the seller and the listing broker.

The normal range for commissions is between four to six percent, it’s negotiable, and the seller usually pays it. Sometimes, the buyer pays part of the commission either through agreement with the seller or some sellers factor it into the house’s asking price.

The brokerage firm’s commission from the house sale can be split 70-30 or 60-40 between the broker and the agent. More experienced real estate agents often strike a 50-50 deal with the brokerage firm.

Sharing the Commission

Commissions earned in real estate sales are usually split among many people. These people include the buyer’s agent, the seller agents, the listing agent, and the listing broker. Brokerages provide the listing broker who employs the services of the listing agent.

Both the buyer and seller agents get their commission from the brokerage. Commission rates in Texas are higher than the national average of 5.49 percent at 5.70 percent per home sale.

Real Estate Agent Salary

Most real estate agents make great incomes, but some agents make more money than others. The national average income in the real estate industry as of 2020 was $49,000.

Most newbies in real estate do not make much in their first year, with an annual income range of $0 to $25,000 per year. Factors contributing to such low figures include difficulty in making an adequate number of home sales.

Top real estate agents make between $112,000 to $500,000 per year. They’re experienced in the real estate business and thus make more money than the average real estate agent.

So how much do realtors earn in Texas?

How Much Does a Real Estate Agent Make In Texas

Real Estate Agent Salary in Texas

According to Indeed, Texas real estate agents make anything from $93,000 to $100,000. However, the median gross income for Texas real estate agents is pegged at $93,000.

An agent with over 20 years of experience in Texas is estimated to earn over $111,300, while one with 1 to 2 years of experience makes $84,828 annually.

Because so many factors affect how much money a real estate agent eventually makes, the figures continuously fluctuate. One key factor is the location where a real estate agent is based, and an agent in San Antonio is more likely to sell more houses in a year than an agent in Pearland.

Also, the real estate agent has to work under the umbrella of a brokerage. Thus, he might get lower commissions, especially if he’s not yet an expert.

Tips to Grow your Real Estate Business

No matter how many factors come into play, the income of a real estate agent is invariably tied to how many houses he’s able to sell in a year. The fewer deals he closes, the smaller his earnings. Therefore, it is pertinent that a real estate agent develop a unique marketing strategy.

The Texas real estate market is unique in its own right, so you want to pay attention to the peculiarities and find a way to make them work in your favor to land paying clients. Such exceptions include areas where people buy the most houses, such as San Antonio or Houston.

As a newbie, working with a brokerage might be your best bet just until you find your footing. Finding clients may prove difficult on your own, especially in a sea of other experienced realtors so take advantage of their services.

If you haven’t done so already, take a couple of real estate courses, especially if you’re new in the business. Identify with other realtors in the area. Networking with professionals will offer you a lot of business and learning opportunities.

For your site, ensure that you employ the services of a professional photography agency to take photographs of houses you’re listing. A potential buyer is more likely to pay attention to a beautifully photographed house.

Always have your business cards handy. You never know where you’ll meet potential buyers, and it’s always better to be prepared.

One quick way to make easy money as an agent is to offer consultation services for a fee. Most people interested in buying or selling a house often need the information to proceed, and you can show that for a token.

Choosing a Niche

Just like many other things, real estate has particular niches and specialties. Picking one will help you narrow down your focus and draft a more effective market strategy to land clients.

In  Texas,  housing needs vary due to location, but on average, agents who sell luxury homes will make more money than other agents who sell either single or multi-family houses.

The sales price of these properties is usually high in the market; therefore, the agents’ commission is also high.

How Much Does a Real Estate Agent Make In Texas

Best Places to Practice Real Estate in Texas

In Texas, some places are considered hotbeds of the industry, and it’d be worth your time to pay attention to them and keep your eyes peeled for opportunities nearby.

One of such places is Austin, Texas. There’s a high demand for realtor services because of the high-income potential and the low cost of living, which is even lower than the average nationally. Realtors in Austin make an average of $69,380 annually.

Houston, Texas, is another excellent place because it attracts entrepreneurs like flies and offers high employment opportunities to folks. Realtors make $63,700 annually in Houston, and they have a wide variety of markets to explore.

Next on the list are places like Lubbock and Dallas. Both cities are fast-growing cities in Texas, and Dallas has been ranked as one of the fastest-growing cities in America and one of the best places to reside.

The fast growth rate of these cities makes it a rich bed of clients for agents in Texas who wish to make more sales and earn more from their business.

Precautions to Observe in Real Estate

While real estate is lucrative and fun, many things could go wrong during a sale, and agents could find themselves facing a lawsuit. Buyers or sellers may accuse the agent of negligence.

Given issues like these, many agents often make an error and omit insurance ahead of time. It protects real estate agents and firms from financial losses due to lawsuits from sellers or buyers in their line of work.

Final Thoughts

I looked into the ”how much does a real estate agent make in Texas” question in this article. Most real estate agents do not earn above $100,000 on average. How much real estate agents make varies based on location, connection, and experience.

To earn above average, an agent has to work hard to learn market trends. If you’re running your own business, you have to get more creative. Remember that you don’t have to sell more houses to make more income. A few choice sales can earn you the same revenue as multiple sales.

Texas is home to two of the fastest-growing cities in the USA, currently ranked as a buyer’s market, and is full of excellent opportunities for realtors. Be proactive and resourceful, this way, you can stay on top of your game at all times.

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