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Homes for Sale in Linden, New Jersey

Homes for Sale in Linden, New Jersey

Looking for a new home in Linden, New Jersey? You’re in luck! This charming city has plenty of homes for sale to choose from. With a population of over 42,300 people, there is something for everyone in Linden. Whether you’re looking for a spacious suburban home or a cozy downtown condo, you’ll find what you’re looking for here.

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History buffs will love Linden, New Jersey! This city has a rich history dating back to the 18th century. Linden was originally settled by Dutch and English settlers in 1740 and was later incorporated as a city in 1925. Today, Linden is a thriving community with plenty of things to see and do.


If you’re looking for a city with great weather, Linden is the place for you! The average temperature in Linden is a mild 68 degrees. The summers are warm but not too hot, and the winters are cold but not too freezing. You’ll enjoy comfortable weather all year round in Linden!


Linden is conveniently located just a short drive from New York City. You’ll be able to enjoy all the benefits of living in a big city while still being able to escape the hustle and bustle when you want to.


Linden is easily accessible by car, train, and bus. There are two major highways that run through the city, and Linden has its own train station with service to New York City.


Linden is home to a variety of businesses, from small mom-and-pop shops to large corporations. The city’s economy is diverse and booming, so you’ll be sure to find a job that suits your needs. For example, some of the largest employers in Linden include Merck & Co., Inc., Linden Packing Company, and Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey.


Linden is served by the Linden Public Schools district. The district has a total of 12 schools, including six elementary schools, three middle schools, and three high schools. University students will be happy to know that Linden is also home to Kean University.


Linden is a city with plenty to see and do. Some of the most popular attractions include the Liberty Science Center, the New Jersey Devils hockey team, and the Newark Museum.


Linden is made up of a variety of neighborhoods, each with its own unique charm. Some of the most popular neighborhoods include Downtown Linden, Linden Heights, and Beacon Hill.

Real Estate Market

The Linden real estate market is hot right now! Homes for sale in Linden are selling fast, so if you’re thinking about buying a home in this city, you’ll need to act fast. The median home price in Linden is $400,000.

How to choose a house for investment?

When it comes to choosing a house for investment, there are a few things you’ll need to take into consideration.

First, you’ll need to decide what type of property you’re interested in. Are you looking for a single-family home, a condo, or an investment property?

Once you’ve decided on the type of property you’re interested in, you’ll need to consider the location. You’ll want to choose a neighborhood that is desirable and has a good chance of appreciation.

Lastly, you’ll need to look at the current market conditions to see if now is a good time to buy.


If you’re looking for a city with something for everyone, Linden is the place for you. With its rich history, convenient location, and booming economy, Linden is a great place to live, work, and raise a family!